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Feb 23, 2006 at 01:53 AM

Consuming a stateful web service


We created and deployed a stateful web service(mail service) in J2EE. It is tested working fine for J2EE consumer. Now we need to create a client from SAP WebAs (abap side). We generated the proxy with logical port, having set those "State Management" and "Session Oriented-communication" features, which I believe supposed to be stateful.

But the program crashed at the second time I call any method in the client proxy, for example, after "CALL METHOD mail_proxy->open_mail_session" to open a mail session, the "CALL METHOD mail_proxy->open_mail_store" throws an exception: "ICF Error when receiving the response: HTTP COMMUNICATION FAILURE". It doesnÂ’t matter which method I used, it crashed on the second one any way. If I move the second method to the first call, the method will work fine but still crash on the 2nd called method.

I need more information about how to make the client proxy and logical port working with a stateful web service.

I will appreciate any hint, reference or suggestion!