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Former Member
Feb 23, 2016 at 08:34 AM

Bex query with count of all Master Data records


Hello experts.

Kindly help me with following.

Right now developing report for Plant Maintenance using DSO MTTR/MTBR (Mean Time to Repair/Mean Time Between Repair).

DSO contains information about equipment failures (transaction data) and also Equipment Master Data.

It is important to highlight - transaction data contains only equipments which had problems (failures).

So to count failure rate I have to take number of failures/(number of total equipment in this period) * 100 (equipment type wise).

But if I will operate Bex with transaction data it will be not right because it will show me only equipments which had problems (not total).

My question is - how to calculate total number of equipments in Bex (this number I have in Master data), but how to bring it to Stage in Bex?

Thank you and best regards.