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Feb 23, 2016 at 05:32 AM

Automatic Posting of Subsequent Document (Foreign Currency)



I want to post a document with multiple currencies for a currency exchange transaction. My requirement is to do the postings with three currencies i.e first line item of the document is in USD2nd line item is in MYR and the third is in INR. My local currency is INR.

Account Dr/Cr Foreign Currency Exchange Local Currency - INR 1500 Dr 10 USD 10 100 1500 DR 1 MYR 20 20 1800 Cr INR 1 120

In normal practise, the above transaction is to be posted is a separate document. Can you please advise how to post the above transaction in separate documents automatically one by one after posting the main document in local currency.

INR being the client local currency, client want to post the second document in USD, and the third document in MYR automatically to separate GL accounts ( maintain in local currency) after posting the first document in local currency i.e INR.

Please advise.