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Feb 22, 2016 at 07:23 PM

Resource chip not found error


In my latest attempt to create a custom catalog and group, I'm now seeing the dreaded "Resource Chip Not Found" error when I try and view the tiles in Fiori. I know it's not a security issue as I've been reading through all of the available discussions and have tried everything listed (No auth issues, no errors in /ui2/chip_chdr, I've run the various cache cleaners and tried resyncing the chip cache). I think the issue may be that I tried to recreate two standard Fiori apps (Manage Customer Line Items, Display G/L Account Line Items) in a custom catalog, and then add the tiles from the custom catalog into a custom group. This was done to try and restrict users' access to certain apps.

Does anyone have any suggestions for resolving the "Resource Chip Not Found" error?