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Feb 22, 2016 at 02:07 PM

Customer Consignment Handling


Hello there!

I know there's many posts on this topic, but unfortunately I can't find a good way to deal with this at our site properly, based on the answers I find.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter; I think we have to think new solutions.

I'm fairly new to the company's way of handling this, but in general:

- We deliver some products free of charge, as a KB-order; this is still our property and we want to be able to track this.

- We also deliver some products for "loan"/"borrow"/"testing"/"sample" purposes, also as a KB-order.

- We also use KB-orders for it's true purpose, filling up some customers stock for their planned operations.

Now, there's been a lot of manual handling on the follow-up aspect of this, and a fairly chaotic handling at that.

Mostly, we write a contract with a customer (not a SAP contract), agreeing to a specific period of testing for instance, but they haven't been using SAP to handle these dates. They create a standard KB-order, and it falls down to "someone.. has to follow-up".

There's no obvious fields to put an 'end date' in a KB-order as I see it, but thinking we can use a field for this purpose, and make it mandatory to fill for KB-orders. That way we can put together a query and track the orders.

We want to be able to track the consignment stocks and "validity date" (an agreed end date), but I struggle to find a good way of doing this.

MB58 (or table MSKU) offers a good overview, but theres some lacking in traceability (at least in larger scales), since the stock isn't linked to the KB-orders directly. As far as "end date"-agreements are concerned, we don't get any good information from this table.

Generally my question is:

Is there a good way or a good report to track "on which KB-order(s) did this stock come from"?

Immediate problem here is probably, when a customer gets several KB-orders on a material that's not batch-managed or serialized, a stock of 10 pieces (as seen in MB58) could very well be linked to several KB-orders.

With this way of thinking (company-wise), I'm thinking the only way to handle this information is to think of a KB-order as an active order. Untill all the material quantities are either picked up (KA) or issued (KE), the KB-order isn't completed.

If so, I would need to create a query with alot of linking to the VBFA-table I'm guessing.

I'm sorry, I'm rambling.. but do you have any thoughts on how we could handle this in a better way?

Are there any other order-types we could use that could handle this better?

Anxiously waiting for your valuable input 😊