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Feb 22, 2016 at 01:36 PM

SAP NOTE 1645855


Hi guys,

I need to implement the sap note 1645855, the note status is "cannot be implemented", but i need only the part that talk about the logical file name "CLASSIFICATION_ERROR":

If you want to store the output file on the application server, use the logical file name CLASSIFICATION_ERROR. The name defines the path under which the output file is saved. The system suggests RCCLBI03.ERROR as the file name, but you can choose your own file name.

CLASSIFICATION_ERROR must also be defined in Customizing.

A correct entry may look as follows:


Name Error File Classification

Physical File /tmp/

Data Format DIR

Application Area MM

Logical Path

When creating CLASSIFICATION_ERROR, the system may issue message SV 019.

However, this is just a warning that you can ignore.

b. The path is not specified on the presentation server either. Here,CLASSIFICATION_ERROR (if defined) represents a default value.

As you can see, when creating the classification_error the systems should display the error SV019 as a warning, but in my case it isn't a warning, but a blocking error.

How can I go further and be able to create the logicale file name "classification_error" ?