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Former Member
Feb 22, 2006 at 07:55 PM

ChangeID and Long ID's


Our naming conventions originally called for giving each portal object a prefix. This led to very long full ID's as the prefix was added to each folder, then added onto as the folders became more specific. Many of our bottom level objects have full ID's of more than 270 characters.

To clean this up we began deleting the prefixes of folders, leaving prefixes on the bottom portal object and top level folder prefixes. However we ran into some problems using 'ChangeID' to delete prefixes. Namely that once we hit 'Finish' and the progress bar comes up it will hang at a certain percentage and not progress. This happens only for very specific folders. The action time's out and we then have a duplicate folder without the prefix and some of the contents of the previous folder up to a point. For instance our procurement folder will copy the content up to a specific workset. This leads me to believe that this might have something to do with the many delta links contained in the workset, and contained by objects in the workset.

My question is, why is this happening exactly, and is there any way to change the prefixes of all our folders? I've tried the PCD Inspector tool but when I delete the prefix and hit save, the prefix simply comes back.

Also, related to our problem with prefixes, I've noticed that sometimes when importing an export file from another portal instance, the ID's of objects are changed to include the prefix, with the prefix field also having the prefix. I have run into the same problems using 'ChangeID' to fix this.