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Feb 22, 2016 at 06:55 AM

Payroll in different currencies


Hi experts,

i have the following scenario.

Company code currency is USD. But my pay structure(pay scales amounts) is in RUB. Additional payments will be in RUB and USD depending on payments types.

Now related to company code in WPBP function system exchanging basic salary from RUB to USD(rate is taken from TCURR table). but exchange is done on 1st day of current pay period. so my question first could I copy one of the core function of Payroll WPBP, P0015, P0014 to custom one lets say ZPBP, ZP015, ZP014, change the exchange date to end of pay period and assign it to my custom schema ?

Another question - whats is the best practice with multiply currencies ? in result i want to post 2 documents one for employees who get paid with in RUB another for employees who get paid in USD