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Feb 22, 2006 at 06:35 PM

Webservice Client <-> Xi<->RFC : Problem


Hello guys,

First time posting to sdn. i have a following scenario.

WS Clinet < > XI < > RFC . The RFC i am using is RFC_CUSTOMER_GET ; it has two inputs ( Not mandatory) No. and Name. The Request and response is sent through SOAP. I used option in SAP Xi to generate WSDL where the URL is following format :


i am using Altova XML Spy to generate and send SOAP request using the WSDL generated from the above process.

When i am sending soap request using XML SPY , i am getting prompt to enter to Uname and passwd. But right across i am getting the following error:

HTTP Error : couldnot POST the file : ‘/XISOAPAdapter/MessageServlet?Channel=:WS2RFC_BS:WS_Sender&Version=3.0&Sender.Service=WS2RFC_BS∬’ on Server ‘’(500).

and then an exception is generated. :

SOAP:Envelope xmlns:SOAP="">




<faultstring>failed to call the adapter engine</faultstring>











Now while configuring SOAP Adapter i used BE mode and i have a receiver determation. i also checked over this URL manually using IE and after entering Uname and password i got status OK ?

Dunno where the problem is ? Please suggest