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Feb 19, 2016 at 08:48 PM

Does Cascade Filter on HANA Calculation Views work?


Hi, I read the other posts on this topic such as, "Drop Down filter limitation in SAP BO Design Studio, ", "How to Create Multiple Drop Down boxes, (Cascading Filters) using Universes in the backend" and also, "Cascade Filter on HANA Calculation View". I've also followed the tutorial, "Design Studio 1.0 Setup a Cascading filter in an application" and still can't get results.

We're using D/S 1.5, BO 4.1 SP6 and HANA v97. In a prior dashboard application, I was able to successfully create the cascading drop down filters with universes as my datasource, but we're switching over to HANA, (Calculation views) for data source. I can't get these to work. Does this functionality work with Design Studio 1.5/HANA 97? I've set the data sources, to Members for Filtering; Only Values with Posted Data. I followed the coding suggestions in the above mentioned posts. Is this possible with HANA?

One thing I'm wondering...

When attempting to do this filtering, does the selection get pushed to the variable(s) that were created in HANA as part of the view? Or do the selections just filter the data when it's in Design Studio? (hope I explained that right)....

Any help is appreciated...