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Feb 18, 2016 at 02:00 PM

Flavor changing without P



I wanted to ask whether there is a way of separating changing flavors manually and automatically via script, so that they would be 2 authorization objects? Otherwise the script changeFlavors kind of loses its meaning - if user can still open "P" and choose whatever flavor he wants, including the original one, which client would like make unavailable for the end user!

The functionality of this is for users with many functions, like managers, for whom to place all his daily work on one dashboard would look crowded and insane - that's why we want to group his functions in "blocks" - which on the click opens new dashboard with further functions, but in order to do that now, we have to give authorization for user to change flavors - which means he is available to change flavors manually, and that is not how the client would like it to see.