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Former Member
Feb 18, 2016 at 07:43 AM

Added custom field to BSEG not being updated


Good Day All,

I have added a custom (ZZ_SPART) to the coding block via OXK3 and also appended the structure (CI_COBL) containing that custom field into BSEG via an append process in SE11 (as .INCLUDE CI_COBL)

I am now trying to update that field from sales document field SPART in table VBAK by a simple select in a substitution exit in GGB1. The field is included in the list of substitutable fields in table GB01 (by default).

The process is as follows: I create a sales order in VA01, which I deliver via VL01N, in which I post a goods issue. I then post a billing document against the delivery through VF01.

I put a break point in the exit for the substitution and it stops both when I do goods issue and when I do billing and the field value from VBAK is sent to BSEG-ZZ_SPART. but on completion of posting, the field is not populated. Thanks in advance.