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Feb 17, 2016 at 08:21 PM

WWI.INI / Some questions


Dear all

now using WWI for quite along time sometimes new topics which are "strange" come up and there is the need to explain themTherefore:

referring to: Determining Fonts - Basic Data and Tools (EHS-BD) - SAP Library

The story is as:

We have a font used in report template and the report template e.,g was created using Windows/Winword condition in Microsoft Code page as shown here:

1160=Times New Roman,Arial,Courier New

Now in wwi.INni you must map language keys and code pages and the define fonts to be used. During raw report and final report generation the data is analyzed and the display should then happen with an pfoper Font. It is not clear what will happen if there is no font defined in (no language Codepage Font Mapping)

Currently there was the need to install a new "language" in SAP. Let us assume:

non of the codepages as listed:

1504=Times New Roman Cyr,Arial Cyr,Courier New Cyr

1404=Times New Roman CE,Arial CE,Courier New CE

1614=Times New Roman Tur,Arial Tur,Courier New Tur

1904=Times New Roman Baltic,Arial Baltic,Courier New Baltic

8000=MS Gothic


8400=MS Song



applies. But now which font is used?? Microsoft Arial Unicode (the "biggest font) one can think of?

Or more specific: is there the need to have a "full mapping" of any SAP language used to microsoft code page and then font in WWI.Ini?

As well I am not sure any more for the first part of the explanation:

"Fonts in the same font family must appear at the same position in the list."

What is exactly this meaning? If I establish now a template and use "numerous of several fonts": is there the need to have a "full" list of any font used in the template in wwi.ini

May be someone can provide input


PS: I have execute a survey in SAP marketplace; there are lots of OSS for complex fonts, asian characters etc. existing; but i did not find yet any helpful on the top; only fact is: WWI SP41 is released now.. wow