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Feb 17, 2016 at 08:35 PM

Donot Default Info Record PO text in Purchase Order text



We have Created ABC and Vendor XYZ , created Info Record # 5300001109 Maintained "Purchase Order text like "78-ABC" in info record.

When i create PO for Material ABC and Vendor XYZ, then "Info Record PO Text" is showing "78-ABC" in PO Text tab in item level. bcz we were maintained text in Info record.

Now we donot require Default this Info record PO text in Next PO, I was tried in SPRO-Purchasing --Purchase Order--Texts for Purchase Order--Define Copying rule for Item texts. all "Blank" "*" and "N" ,

When today i tried to create PO for Material ABC and Vendor "XYZ" , then after all permutation of configuration of "*" and "N" , it is defaulting in PO Item tab TEXT--Info Record PO Text as "78-ABC"

We donot Want to default Info record PO text in PO any more.

check attached Screen shot