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Feb 17, 2016 at 04:43 PM

Chart Drill Down selection not clearing with back button


Hi All,

I have a Dashboard which contains a couple of bar charts, once I click on any of the bars the label is sent to cell which is used to as the dynamic visibility for a scorecard. We then have a back button which clears the destination of the Bar chart so the scorecard can be hidden again.

The problem that i am facing over here is even though I click on the back button, the drill down selection of the bar chart is not deslected due to which when i change the value of the combo box a fresh set of data is coming in and the scorecard is popping up automatically again with the previous selection.

Is there a way that we can remove the selection of the bar chart? (Reset button won't work for me as it resets the whole Dashboard)

Please note that I followed some of the forum topics and found that multiple invisible button can be placed on the Bar chart, which can't help me as i am using 4 bar charts with 10 labels each.