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Feb 17, 2016 at 12:28 PM

REST Web service



How to make PO web service as Restful web service? Or can we make 3rd party application call our PO web service into Rest web service call?

1. I have web service as SOAP -> RFC scenario . This SOAP is PO Web service. Now 3rd party system want to call this Web service into Restfull call from their .Net application, can we take those call? If yes how to change the web service configuration? I am using PI 7.4 version. Does I need to use REST Adapter? Or with existing SOAP or HTT_AAE adapters can I set that?If yes how to do that?

2. I have another scenario for acknowledgement, Proxy to Web service, This one also they need REST web service. So with SOAP adapter we can set this?