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Feb 17, 2016 at 07:23 AM

Exception CX_SHM_NO_ACTIVE_VERSION on first access of auto-created area


I am using a shared memory area that is set to auto-create and is client-specific. (I followed the guide by @Trond Stroemme).

When testing accessing the area, the first access to the memory area, before it has been initialized, terminates with the exception CX_SHM_NO_ACTIVE_VERSION and the following message:

The lock on the instance '$DEFAULT_INSTANCE$' in client '305' of the area 'ZCL_DACS_SALAPPT_SHM' cannot be set because no active version exists. However, the area constructor was started to automatically build the area instance.

Because the area build was started, the next access is successful.

I see that a similar problem was experienced by someone else when the area is client-specific:

It's only a problem if the first access is done by a user in a productive environment as it will lead to an error, but this is obviously something we want to avoid.

Any hints for a workaround?