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Feb 17, 2016 at 06:39 AM

Barcode in GLM


Dear Experts,

After long time, I am again stuck in Barcode topic of GLM. I know this topic is discussed several times in this forum. I have gone all the thread but not able to locate solution to the problem which I currently facing.

My client is using GLM solution without any barcode so far. Now they wish to go for barcodes. Accordingly, we have installed barcodes fonts on WWI server. We are using barcode of company “ TEC-IT Datenverarbeitung GmbH”

We are using “SAPsprint bar code interface” method. Basis team conveyed that, they have done all required activities on WWI server side as mentioned in manual. However, still when I am checking it, no success so far

As I read in SAPSprint method, this method do not required Barcode fonts on front end system. Is that correct?

Also “C128_DUMMY_CONVERSION_METHOD” is not required. This is required only when we want special prefix or suffix. otherwise it is not required. Is that correct?

So I am trying to figure out that, what all activities, we as functional consultant need to do for Barcoded in GLM on front end or in general? ( of course,

we need to develop a template which will have report symbol with barcode…)

Am I missing any important step here? Can you please help to overcome this issue?

Thanking a lot in advance...


Amol Joshi

PS: So for I read following notes

894444 - Tool for server-based print under Microsoft Windows (SAPSprint)

25344 - Interface SAPSprint (SAPFprint) barcode DLL (details)

1293379 - EH&S WWI Bar code support