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Feb 16, 2016 at 04:02 PM

Preventing Word Wrap


I have a text field with 3 floating fields which contains the values: "200", "KG / ", "DR". The end result would be: 200 KG / DR. This works fine in English, but we're finding that in some other languages (Japanese for example) the last word is wrapping to the next line. I don't believe that it's being hyphenated as there's no '-'. The last word has 3 characters, 2 of the characters are printing on one line and the 3rd character is wrapping below it because there's not enough space:

What I would really like to happen is to have the whole word on the second line if there's not enough space. I've tried removing hyphenation on the form and that did not work. If I decrease the font by .5 it will fit (or I could make the column a bit wider), which will solve the issue for this example, but not for any potential issues in the future.




Capture.PNG (2.4 kB)