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Feb 16, 2016 at 02:31 PM

Self Billing VBAK-VKORG not filled


Dear SAP Community,

I'm testing the self billing process with SBWAP.

During processing the main step, when the program SDSBWAPSMS tries to create the credit memo automatically, I got the error message:

"values for VBAK-VKORG not filled".

And I was debugging and found the following code (see pic attached):

- Why did the programmer set the value for VBAK-VKORG/VTWEG/SPART by SPACE (empty)?

- How would the new order (credit memo request) be created, if these values are not filled? The call transaction is called in background, so the user can't fill the values by hand 😔.

- Many of you have implemented the self-billing process, what did you do to solve this problem?

I would be grateful for your help!!!

Best regards,