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Feb 16, 2016 at 11:35 AM

Locking users and Early delta initialization - any experience ?



I am under immense pressure from business to reload selected sales orders that have been deleted from Cube and DSO in BW via selective deletion. The business is 24X7 and they don't want to lock users out of the system.

I came across below blog which says that I don't have to lock users if I do early delta initialization and repair full load.

Does anyone have the experience of early delta initialization without locking users.

Explore to SAP Business Warehouse/Analytics: Setup Tables filling without Locking Users in SAP BI

Early Delta Initialization:

In this one we do the initialization before filling setup tables. So that users can post the records when we are performing setup tables filling. we will get the posted records in next delta run.

In this method we need to do the below steps.

i) Run the Info Package with option " early delta initialization". This will enable the delta queue and setup the timestamp for delta in system

ii) Delete the data in setup tables for specific application component

iii) Fill the setup tables.

iv) Load the setup tables data to BI using full repair IP.

How to check whether Data source supports for Early Delta Initialization?

We can check this in table ROOSOURCE.

i) Go to SE16 --> table name and enter

ii) In the next screen give the data source name and execute.

iii) If field ZDD_ABLE in the result has value X, then data supports for early delta initialization.

iv) If it has space, then it doesn't support.

My extractor supports early delta initialization


Early delta.png (16.8 kB)