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Migrate from TAXINJ to TAXINN for GST India setup

Hello Experts,

Our client is using ECC 6.0 EHP6. Migration from TAXINJ to TAXINN is not yet done. The tax procedure TAXINJ is also not used in the system in any way. What steps / process we need to follow for migrating from TAXINJ to TAXINN in this case?
There are no documents involved in the migration activity as currently there are no tax codes setup in the system that are used for India Localization. Is there any other impact on the system that we need to check / look after?
will this have any impact on the tax procedures of other countries that are in use?

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3 Answers

  • Feb 10, 2017 at 02:13 PM

    Never come across such a situation where TAXINJ is implemented but not used. If you are sure that not even a single document is generated in TAXINJ, then, I feel, you can straightaway create master data like CIN condition types, tax codes etc from TAXINN. Since J1ID will not work for TAXINN, whatever master data maintained there, you need to ensure the same is taken care from TAXINN point of view.

    Hope, you would have already gone through the FAQ listed out in OSS note 2252781. If not, better go through that and still if you have any queries, raise an OSS message to SAP for confirmation to start creation of master data as I said above

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    Feb 14, 2017 at 11:58 AM

    Hello Pritesh,

    As you mentioned that you are not using the TAXINJ in your system (even though it has been implemented), means you have not processed/created any document using the INJ tax codes/conditions. In this case no need for Migration from INJ to INN, you can directly start implementing INN. Kindly refer to below information for more details on implementing INN.

    TAXINN Implementation
    If the TAXINN or condition types are missing in your system, kindly check the below explanation.

    Please check the below notes and activate all the BC-sets mentioned in the first note:
    1753903: BC Sets validity extension for India Localization(CIN) {This will bring TAXINN in your system}

    Few other notes that might be of help to you:
    822347: Taxes Configuration for VAT Solution(TAXINN)
    607851: Customization changes in Sales Procedure for VAT- Stage 0-2
    606634: Taxes Configuration for VAT Solution Stage 0 - 2

    Also please go through the CIN master note 998407, take this as reference and navigate from here only to other necessary notes.

    Activate the country India version under the below IMG path:
    Financial Accounting--> Financial Accounting Global Settings--> Tax on sales/purchase--> Basic Settings--> India--> Activate country version India for specific fiscal years (Use component as 'IND').

    Additional Information: You can also use the copy of the same procedure i.e. TAXINJ in the TAXINN as well along with enhancements for new conditions like JMIQ/JMOQ and JMX1/JMX2. Please take futher help of your consulting team.

    TAX Migration
    If tax migration is needed in your case, if you have old POs or SOs with INJ then you can refer to below notes.
    2252781 - FAQ on Tax procedure migration from TAXINJ to TAXINN
    2014164 - TAXINJ to TAXINN Migration
    2167294 - Prerequisite Note for SAP Note 2153807
    2153807 - Improvements in Tax code update programs for Purchase Order/Scheduling Agreement
    2161911 - Purchase order display and Invoice display/cancel issue
    2200639 - Errors in report J_1I_TAXUPDATE_PO - J1IMGPO

    Please note that migration from INJ to INN has been delivered as a consulting solution from SAP, so please take help of your consulting team for the same. Refer to note 2014164.


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    • Former Member

      Hi All Experts,

      I have very urgent based requirement ....

      How to Migrate Tax procedure from TAXINJ to TAXINN procedure. Please given with clearly up to end.

      If may Tax TAXINJ procedure already existed in SAP system, Then how we will migrate this TAXIINN Procedure,

      So once we migrate to TAXIINN procedure, Its any impact for Open documents and other any issue may happen. in my SAP Client already TAXINJ procedure existed. then how it will work from INJ to INN procedure.

      Waht is the prerequisites required for this migration part..

      Please kindly needful and provide any PDF Document for reference project preparation.

      Thanks& Regards,


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    May 04, 2017 at 07:17 AM

    If you have not used taxinj. at all (make sure)

    No migration is required,

    Implement TAXINN from the scratch.

    As per my knowledge I dont see any impact

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