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Feb 16, 2016 at 08:57 AM

Query regarding accrual entries for product type 51A - Fixed Deposits


Dear Friends,

I am implementing product 51A - Fixed deposits at one of our clients.

I am trying to run various scenarios of cash flows in this Fixed Deposit.

When I am trying to simulate accrual entries for FDs in which interest is at maturity, I am able to simulate monthly accrual entries without any issues.

But this is not working in the case of FDs where there is Interest Capitalization. I am not able to generate accrual entries for the FDs in which the interest is capitalized quarterly.

While running TPM44 for such FDs, I am getting error,

" No Transactions selected for Accrual/Deferral

Message No. TPM AD_105 "

Is it that accrual entries don't get generated for FDs with interest capitalization?


Rohan Kamat