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Feb 16, 2016 at 08:20 AM

Downpayment against Capex Internal Order Asset



We have the requirement to have availability control for the Downpayment posted against Asset PO.

I have made settings for Downpayment Clearing A/c (not reconciliation account) in the AO90 settings.

But I am not able to create the cost element (90-statistical) for this downpayment clearing account as it is not a recon account for Assets.

If I change this account to a recon a/c for Assets, system will not accept it as a downpayment clearing account in AO90 (Asset acc determination).

Also if it is a recon account, at the time of Downpayment Posting (F-48) system says the GL cannot be directly posted as it is recon account.

Is there anything wrong from my side ?