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Feb 16, 2016 at 03:48 AM

How to expand the WDA view in OVP Floorplan Mananger


Hi Experts,

I created an OVP application that have a 2 views

: View 1 ( Normal Web Dynpro view with input customer number ),

View 2 is a tabbed UIBB with data populated based on View 1.

I want to set View 1 always expanded, user cannot collapse this view because I got a lot of issue when View 1 is collapsed.

Is there a way to always expand this view when application start or if user collapse the view and exit out, I must expand the view before exit?

Much appreciated if someone can point to me on how to solve this issue. Thank you.

View 1 customer number is passed from a different WDA application and I noticed that when View 1 is collapsed, the data was not populated since event WDINIT in View 1 was not called.


Capture.PNG (18.5 kB)