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Feb 15, 2016 at 07:08 PM



Hi experts!!!

I need some help with the assessments. The client is asking me a way to the the following, here is an example:

I have four cost centers: Store, Accounting, Logistics and TI. Regularly they made assessments from Accounting, Logistics and TI to the Store, in other words, they send all the expenses of those three cost centers to the cost center of the Store. But now they want to make another process firstly, they want to make an assessment from the TI cost center to the Accounting and Logistics ones. These is to know how much those cost centers expend on TI processes. Then they want to run the first process that I explained to you. The problem is that if the process is executed, the two cost centers (Accounting and Logistics) already have the expenses provided by TI, so those expenses are going to be duplicated because the TI cost center is going to send his expenses to the Store. Is there a way to make an assessment from a secondary cost element in order to virtually anulate the movements done in the first assessment?

What solution can I give to the costumer with this request??

Please help me experts!!

Rodrigo Gonzalez