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Feb 15, 2016 at 03:33 PM

Exporting Data solutions


Hi All,

I have a request coming to me soon and just starting to do some investigations on how to, best practices and common problems with exporting data from SAP.

Let me setup the scenario,

Our SAP ERP sits on windows and SQL 2012.

We are using page compression, so our DB is about 300 gigs Compressed.

Our BI team currently get a monthly backup thrown at them and they connect it to their SQL 2012 and play with the data.

This was done because initially they had no idea what data they needed.

Now they are coming back with a list of tables and want that specific data. Currently on a monthly basis but in hopes of nightly updates.

So I started to read quickly and found multiple solutions for multiple scenarios,

Some people use PI or PO, some people use reports to flat files, some people use interfaces.

I'm wondering what you use, or would use and your experiences from this request?

Also read issues with SAP cluster tables.