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Feb 15, 2016 at 09:03 AM

WebIDE, index.html and white blank page problem


Hi all,

Please don't be too harsh on me for asking this as I am only starting my development journey 😊

I created an app with WebIDE as a hybrid package, downloaded it, added mobile libraries and now I want to package it for Phonegap or other native app wrapper. The app works fine in a browser when I call the URL created by HCP. But when I try to start index.html it comes as white blank page. The same happens when I create a mobile app in Phonegap. There is no error and the app is not trying to connect anywhere, there is just white blank page.

I have read a few threads here and I am still lost. I am not sure if my index.html file needs to contain anything specific? I am also not sure whether it can be under "webapp" folder (as WebIDE places it). The folder question applies to libraries too, should I put the \resources folder in the main directory or in "webapp" folder? When WebIDE project is created the file structure looks as follows:

If you could point a newbie to the right place I would really appreciate it.




files.png (24.8 kB)