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Feb 15, 2016 at 05:41 AM

POSDTA - Configure Deposit Scenario



I am new to POSDTA and thus request you to detail your response.

Consider the following Sales scenario in POS :- The customer comes in to order a custom suit worth $2000 and pays an advance/deposit of $1000.

Now when he comes back to the Store to collect the suit, he pays a balance of $1000 and take the suit.

This scenario is configured in the JDA POS system in the following way.

A dummy article is created in POS, say XXXX. A deposit of $1000 is configured as a normal sales of article XXXX.

When the customer comes back to collect the suit worth $2000, the cashier would scan the the $2000 suit as a sales and post a return on XXXX for $1000. The customer then pays a difference of $1000 in cash and the suit.

Now I know the deposit is liability for the company and thus the $1000 must go a different G/L Account !

It is not possible for me to change the configuration in JDA POS.

Please advise how must I configure this scenario in POSDTA and what must I do on the SAP ERP end ?

(My plan was to create dummy article XXXX in SAP ERP as a value only article. In POSDTA, I could consider deposit as a normal sales transaction and let SAP ERP deal with it by assiging a special G/L account to XXXX)

Regards, Dheeraj