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Feb 15, 2016 at 04:40 AM

SAP OData Requester information


Dear Experts,

I would like to make sure that odata service is only accessible by my application only not even browser.

I need to implement following requirement

1. I have an OData Service created in my netweaver gateway system.

2. I need to implement some kind of mechanism so that users who even have users in the system should not be able to call

Odata service by browser or any other application.

I have thought of an idea to check the incoming request and extract the information about the caller application.

I found one parameter in call sequence of program "/IWFND/CL_MGW_SHORTCUT_PROXY" has IS_REQUEST_DETAILS-TECHNICAL_REQUEST-REQUEST_HEADER, which provides me the caller details (Please check screen shot).

I am unable to find an API which reads this information in my DPC class.

Please help.




OData.png (70.0 kB)