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Feb 14, 2016 at 05:18 PM

SAP Best Practices Existing Chart of Accounts Conversion to New Chart Of Accounts


Hi ,

Greetings to All !!!,

We are implementing SAP Best Practices, but the chart of accounts which are coming with SAP Best Practices we need to change as per the existing landscape chart of accounts.


We are running with Chart of Accounts code 1000 in our existing landscape, Now implementing SAP Best Practices in another landscape with YASA Chart of Account Code , when we move the SAP Best Practices to existing landscape, there is a conflict with Chart of Accounts Codes, so we want to implement SAP Best Practices with Chart of accounts Code 1000 and move the same to existing landscape to not to have conflict.

Existing Landscape:

Only HCM System implemented and No postings have been to GL Accounts only GL master data is created (System running since 1.6 years)

Please help with your views on this like:

  1. 1. Can we able to do changes to SAP Delivered Chart of Accounts to new one ( In this case from YASA to 1000 ) or not ?
  2. 2. If changes are not possible to SAP Delivered Chart of Accounts to new one, when we move chart of account YASA to existing landscape, what is the impact on already created data in HCM.

Thanks in advance

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