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Feb 14, 2016 at 02:35 PM

Segmentation Model Filter - report to list the filters



We are currently on-premise (SAP CRM 7 EHP3 / SP08) and we are using TREX to create the Segmentation models and filter

We are also using campaign automations to create some of the target groups and file exports (High Volume Segmentation model).

The reason I am adding this conversation is to ask:

1.) if any of you are aware of any SAP reports we can use to print list of filters added to each segments. We are testing the infosets and filters in our Dev and QA environments and we would like to have a list without having to open 2 screens to compare the filters are correct. I checked in SDN and I could not find any reports. I found some of the tables where the filters are stored, but I was in a hope I could find functions I could cal on the SAP query tool to generate the list. These are the tables I found so far: