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Feb 14, 2016 at 08:17 AM

Query getting executed based on userinput not customer exit variable


Hi all,

I need to get persian dates as user input and convert it to Greg date and execute the query ( I am doing HR in BW) based on this greg date.

I have created two variables:

Persian Date = User Input

Greg Date = Customer exit

Query is restricted on calendar day where the user enters persian date instead of greg date and CMOD project is executed which does the conversion perfectly fine.

I have also created a selection field on Headcount and restricted it to Greg Date customer exit variable.

But the problem is that since the entire query is restricted on calendar day variable , even though I am converting persian to greg, the query doesn't return anything.

I mean If I remove the query restriction on calendar day and hard code a greg date in CMOD project, I am getting correct result for the HeadCount restricted on this Greg Date variable but calendar day variable is getting in the way. I cannot remove it because I need to get the persian date from the user.

Would you help me please? I don't want the query to be executed on calendar day variable . I just want it to get the user input and pass it to conversion code.