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Feb 12, 2016 at 04:47 PM

Displaying a dynamic number of tables, traffic lights and charts


Hi Design Studio experts,

We have a requirement to display a dynamic number of tables, traffic lights and charts, for each value in dimension and display them horizontally in Design Studio, using BW Bex query as data source.

ie: Displaying a chart, table, and a traffic light for each value in the dimension and display charts side by side.

The idea is similar to doing a Section in WEBI, but horizontally, and include 3 objects – chart, table, and traffic light.

The challenge is the values from dimension are dynamic, depends on what selection parameters are used to run the query.

As a mockup example for illustration purpose, let say the query returns Sales by Quarter by Product when running for year 2014.

There were only 2 products in 2014, and the dashboard should show 2 tables, traffic lights and charts side by side / horizontally, displaying Sales for each product.

Then some new products are added in 2015. The query now returns 4 products when running for year 2015.

Then the number of objects on the dashboard will change to 4 side by side.

The same goes on 2016, if there are 6 products, the dashboard will then show 6 "sets of objects".

I have raised a cut down version of this question in the past (but for charts only), and I know the charts requirement alone can be met using Trellis Charts in InfoCharts components in Design Studio 1.6. (Thanks Tammy Powlas for guidance).

The challenge is to apply the same logic on table and traffic light, along side the charts.

Is this feasible in Design Studio - through other components or perhaps scripting?

Can anyone help point me to the right resources or direction? or any sample code will definitely be appreciated.