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Feb 22, 2006 at 07:14 AM

Regarding COMPLETE Button functionality



We have used the IsrFormApprove Application for Processing Workitems at various levels.

Well, we have 2 types of Scenarios in our entire workflows...


The Supervisor will go through the ISR Form and he will have APPROVE/REJECT Functionality i.e. the SUPERVISOR can approve/reject the WORKITEM(we passed the IFV='A' parameter to this IsrFormApprove Application.This scenario has no problems.


The Supervisor will go through the ISR Form and he has only one action to do - Complete the WorkItem after he gives his comments i.e. this level supervior gives his comments looking over the form and just completes the workitem. Then the control should flow to the next level supervior and do the same. Actually in this scenario, there is no APPROVAL / REJECTION here. It's just COMPLETION of WORKITEM.

Well, I have sent the application parameter <b>IFV = 'P'</b> to this <i>IsrFormApprove</i> application. Well, I am getting only 2 buttons <i>COMPLETE</i> and <i>EXIT</i>.

But the functionality for these buttons is provided in such a way that - When we press COMPLETE the workitem is going to RESERVE Mode. The workitem stays in his own INBOX. The control is not flowing further.

And EXIT has no functionality given. Even after pressing EXIT Button, NOTHING Happens.

Is there any way of providing the FUNCTIONALITY for COMPLETE and EXIT buttons?


<i><b>Raja Sekhar</b></i>