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Feb 12, 2016 at 01:06 PM

Retro-calc. changes past payroll withholding tax incorrectly


Just wanting to see if anyone else has ran into this problem. We were late in applying the latest 2016 FED tax update for BSI to our SAP Payroll system. So our first payroll of 2016 was ran on 2015 FED tax rates. Afterwards we applied the 2016 tax rates. In period 02/2016 We retro-calc'd the payroll back to the first period. We noticed the newest TCRT total for wage type /401 withholding tax for FED did not total correctly. The system went back and recalculated period 01/2016 FED withholding using the 2016 rate and used that to total in TCRT. This is incorrect because this is not what actually happened for the 01/2016 payroll.

Anyone else? Any ideas?

I have a ticket out with SAP for two weeks with no response, so thought I'd post here, too.