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Feb 12, 2016 at 10:46 AM

Commission Handling in Sales Order for a Sales Rep.


Hi All,

I would like to explore the SD part for Commission Handling in Sales Order for a Sales Rep.

I would like to give the Commission based on Sales Rep for the below:

1. Specific Customer or Group of Customer.

2. Specific Product or Group of Product.

3. Based on Sales Revenue or Margin Revenue.

I would like to use SD standard functionality to approach above scenarios. I have the below approach and process to be followed three scenarios above.

Case 1 :

1. Creating one Sales Representative Y1 similar like Customer Master 100 for which I will create the Sales Order.Will activate the Rebates in the Sales Represenative maser data. I will create the Rebate Agreement (Customer Rebate BO03) the Sales Representative Y1 for one week. I will create Order for the Customer 100 and Material X 5 Qty. Will enter the Sales Representative in the Sales Order so that Rebates agreement determines the Sales Order. Will deliver the Order and Material to make sure Invoice payment is clear. Once the Invoice is settle and payment is done.

Once the payment is done I will run the settlement for the Rebate Agreement. Before that will make sure Rebate Agreement is released for settlement.

I would like to use the standard Rebate Agreement and standard prcing procedure RVAA01 we have available.

Kindly confirm is my undestanding of the above is correct.

Kindly share your valuable feedback.