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Feb 12, 2016 at 10:40 AM

Personas 3.0: Can DOM obj/jQuery/Css style be used in Personas 3.0?


Hi Personas 3.0 experts:

As said Personas 3.0 supports html and in JS script it does support "window" object etc. I am wondering if it is possible somehow to create own controls based on DOM/jQuery or even using own Css style in Personas 3.0?

One reason is that the personas UI has limited types of controls - E.g., a Date Picker can be a often needed UI element in apps, but it is simply impossible now on UI. With proper libs, it is in fact very "easy" to create a picker by a line of JS code.

If personas 3.0 traces the UI control ids via jQuery-like way by DOM, it should be kind of "easy" to do so that developer can "create" customised UI controls based on DOM.

In another thing, as Personas is meant to simplify the SAPGUI, naturely I would expect that the personas UI should includ most types of controls appeared in "classical" SAPGUI. It would be really nice if there would a "simple" "table control" (just containing col/row matrix array) for showing customised data gethered from several backend sources.

Any comments on such things are appreciated and welcome.

Dong Zhu