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Feb 06, 2017 at 01:33 PM

How to pass dynamic value to Combobox in XML?


Hi all,

I am using XML view for coding and I try the following code for combobox.

View. XML:

<ComboBox id="idwrkschd" width="100%" placeholder="Select"

items="{ path: '/WSR_F4Set',

sorter: { path: 'ImPfNum' },

filters : [ { path : 'ImPfNum',operator : 'EQ',value1:'4045' },

{ path : 'ImPsa',operator : 'EQ',value1:'AL02' }

] }">

<core:Item key="{WorkRule}" text="{WorkRule} {Rtext}" />


I need to pass dynamic values to 'value1' field and this need to be done in controller.

Can someone help me with this?