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Feb 12, 2016 at 08:20 AM

Load Product Hierarchy from SAP R3 to SAP BI


Hi Experts,

I have searched a while around in this forum but couldn't find the right answer to my problem. As I am new to SAP BI, I also apologize if my questions don't make sense.

I created the standard ds in R3 for 0PROD_HIER_LPHR_HIER(to load hierarchies) and 0PROD_HIER_TEXT(to load texts).However, i want to make sure that i will not touch any of the customer infoobjects as I am working with z-infoobjects only. Now I have several questions to make sure that im going in the right way.

1. To generate the product hierarchies with their respective text, should I replicate both 0PROD_HIER_LPHR_HIER and 0PROD_HIER_TEXT datasources?

2. Can I install + match (x) copy the 0PROD_HIER, 0PRODH1,0PRODH2, 0PRODH3 and 0PRODH4 and then create 4 Z-infoobjects with a template to this 0PROD_HIER, 0PRODH1,0PRODH2, 0PRODH3 and 0PRODH4? By doing so, will it affect the current customer infoobjects at any way (replacing the standard 0PROD_HIER content with the new copied Z0PROD_HIER content?) I don't want to change anything in the standard infoobjects (0PROD_HIER, 0PRODH1...), that's why i want to create template Z-infoobjects.

3. If this is not the right way of doing it, could you please suggest me a way to do the loading of Product Hierarchies and their Texts for the ds 0PROD_HIER_LPHR_HIER + 0PROD_HIER_TEXT, without touching or affecting any of the current standard InfoObjects Contents (0PROD_HIER, 0PRODH1.. etc.)? Please .pdf versions at best.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best Regards,

Regys M.