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Feb 11, 2016 at 06:50 PM

The records are rejected before BPC endroutine


Hi all,

I wrote an endroutine for extracting actual data .Endroutine is supposed to be the last step before the records are added to the cube however as far as I see , BPC first rejects the records that are not available in master data and then I can do something with the remaining records in endroutine.Is this normal?Is there any parameter or stg that should be set?I am writing the code below:

if ir_data is not initial.

* Assign importing data reference to field symbol
assign ir_data->* to <lt_data_im>.
* Create work area for importing data
create data lo_dataref like line of <lt_data_im>.
assign lo_dataref->* to <ls_data>.
* Create new internal table for exporting data
create data lo_dataref like table of <ls_data>.
assign lo_dataref->* to <lt_data_ex>.

loop at <lt_data_im> assigning <ls_data>.



Before this loop, I realised that there are thousands of missing records in the table <lt_data_im> then I see the log and understand that they were already rejected before this code was executed.Is there something wrong with the code?I think I should not write start routine for this because, we still have one step , I still should be able to modify the records before they are rejected?