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Feb 11, 2016 at 05:21 PM

Rules in Automatic Load Planning



I have a product that we can physically carry 50 pallets inside a vehicle. The dimensions in meters of the vehicle 14 is lenght, 2.40 width and 2.90 height. The dimensions of the product is 1.250 meters lenght, 0.850 width and 1.327 in height. According to the automatic rules, you should use the parameter E; E, for products that are loaded straight and are on the left side of the goods that are loaded face.

I'm using automatic rule below for optimization:

Follow the 50 pallets that want to optimize:

Following the result of the TM. He did not follow the parameter E; E the automatic rules.

In short, what rules I enter to be able to load 50 pallets inside this vehicle?


Rule E.JPG (13.8 kB)
Transportation.JPG (127.3 kB)
Load Plan.JPG (25.3 kB)