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Feb 11, 2016 at 03:08 PM

Records deleted in SAP ECC but still showing in SAP BW for master data object.


Hello Experts ,

Issue : We have master data info Object - Customer Partner Fucntion ( from KNVP Table). It is loading from KNVP table in BW.

Currently, There are some records which are deleted from Source System but still present in BW as it is already loaded in BW. For this reason, the report is showing discrepancy.


As this is Master data object, we cannot delete the records since, it might be used in other cubes. Our reports is on the Customer Partner function Info Object.

When we are running the report, there are 2 partners function records are coming in the reports for the same customer. But in ECC, the previous record is already deleted.

Is there any way, by which i can handle this situation. We dont have any deletion Flag in ECC for the table.

Please suggest and share your ideas,

Best Regards,

Abhimanyu Sharma.