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Feb 11, 2016 at 01:34 PM

Data Exchange SAP CRM to SAP R/3 with several account groups



We have several Grouping in SAP CRM and the same account group in SAP R/3.

But, when we make the mapping between SAP CRM to SAP R/3 by Middleware (Tx. PIDE) under folder CRM -> R/3

We can assign one Account Group to Classification. But we need to assign 3 account group for 1 classificaation.


Grouping SAP CRM Account Group SAP R/3 ZC01 ZC01 ZC02 ZC02 ZC03 ZC03 ZC04 ZC04

We need to create in CRM a BP (Prospect) with Grouping ZC01 or ZC02 or ZC03, because we need to get a number ranger different. And we send the BP to R/3 by Middleware, we need that R/3 creates the BP with the same account group to CRM.