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Feb 11, 2016 at 07:54 AM

ABAP Test Cockpit Exemption Granularity


Is there any way in ATC to grant exemptions on a particular message instead of at the Check Message Level?

For instance, we have an include where our ATC check finds 2 cases of Check Message "No Handling of SY-SUBRC After CALL FUNCTION". One of them was created recently and should be addressed rather than exempted. The other is from older development and nowhere near where any current work has been done.

I would like to be able to exempt the older finding, but leave the newer change for the developer to fix. However, it seems that I can only grant exemptions at the Check Message level (or the even less granular Check level). If I apply an exemption for the older change, it exempts all cases of "No Handling of SY-SUBRC After CALL FUNCTION" for this include. If I exempt nothing, then the system is not providing clear guidance for the developer as to which issues they should address.

Many thanks,