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Feb 11, 2016 at 05:43 AM

FFID in BRF+ decision table.


Hi all,

Version GRC10.1, SP 05, NW 7.4

I have a requirement to create the decision table for agent creation to maintain in MSMP work flows.In My case I can not use the standard agents of EAM as they can not suitable for my requirement criteria.

Request type is Firefighter id request

Request should reach to the suitable approver based on the info from the request submission like Assignment/FFID, system,location

Have 3 condition columns in my decision table.

1. System


3.FFID ( Assignment)

Result column is user_id ( Approver)

I did not find any object name for FFID to insert the column.

Please advise if there is any possibility to get the FFID to my decision table.may be through creation of expression.