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Feb 10, 2016 at 07:53 PM

Regenerate Actual Cost Component Split



We created a new Company Code and during the setup we missed to assign Cost Component Structure (T. code: OKTZ) to the new Company Code and Plant. This missing configuration was identified after one month and after that we assigned the Company Code in OKTZ (Cost Component Structure).

Due to this Actual Cost Component Split was not generated for the month of January (ML is already implemented). Please assist on below questions: 1. Is there any way or program or SAP note by which we can generate the Cost Component Structure and derive the Actual Cost Component Split for the month of Jan'16.

2. For the month of February, please confirm if the Actual Cost Component Split will be generated only after Material Ledger Closing Cockpit (CKMLCP) or still there is any task we need to perform to generate the Actual Cost Component Split.

Regards 😊