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Feb 10, 2016 at 09:31 PM

(GSS-API(maj): 000D0000) when connecting to SAP from Eclipse - MARS


Hello Experts,

I installed Eclipse without any errors and created a lib folder for the secgss.DLL file that should allow me to connect to SAP. (I am using SAPGUI 740). When I attempt to create an ABAP project, I get the expected system connection popup where I can select my connection from the existing list of systems used in my SAP Logon Pad.

We have implemented single sign-on and I have two environment variables SNC_LIB containing the gsskrb5.dll and SNC_LIB_64 containing the secgss.dll.

I looked through all the documentation I can find but found nothing to help me get rid of the error message: 'Log onto system XXX failed (GSS-API(maj): 000D0000).

Can anyone guide me to a solution to this issue.