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Feb 10, 2016 at 05:08 PM

Payment advice form via email


Hi Gurus,

I encounter this situation that I will try to describe.

The form used for the Payment Advise note, is a custom one launched by program RFFOAVIS_FPAYM, through F110 (automatic payment program)

I already know the possibility that my abaper should check the coding for Function Module 'SAMPLE_PROCESS_00002040' in tcode SE37, within the mentioned program, in order to implement the sending of the form via email. This idea I successfully found within this forum. Thanks

We still need to check from where this automatic email trigger to vendor, that is, where do I have to save the email address so that the payment advice program can get that email address and send the payment advice note. However, I suspect it is the field in Vendor General Data, within address Tag:

Can anybody confirm this to me?.

However, my particular issue with the email address is that my client already used that General field for the email sending of the Purchasing order form. Now, my client is adding a new company code to its SAP systems that needs to send as well the Payment advise note (something not used before) to a different email address, but the email recipient is already occupied for a different purpose, despite you can add more than one email address.

So my core question is: is it possible to save elsewhere ANOTHER email address, different from the one saved at General Data (perhaps at company code level or purchasing organisation level) so that the program RFFOAVIS_FPAYM could get that email and send the Financial form to the email address for the payment advise note? I mean, using standard implementation in Program RFFOAVIS_FPAYM...

Please give advice on how to handle this situation of 2 different emails: one email is already in place, and it is exactly the field at General data (Address), used for the sending of the PO form.

Where can we save a different email address so that the Payment Advice program can easily trigger it and send the financial form? At company level, at Purchase organisation level??

Many thanks in advance!


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