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Feb 10, 2016 at 04:53 PM

Concurrent idocs error .



We are having a big problem with the WMMBXY idoc.

Pi send multiple idocs to the R/3 system in the same second. In the we02 we can see the following error for exactly half of the idocs received (one works fine, the next one fails, the third one goes fine, the fourth one fails again, etc.....):

Function module MB_CREATE_GOODS_MOVEMENT cannot be executed.

The function module MB_CREATE_GOODS_MOVEMENT is called up for the second time. After it was called up the first time, the function module MB_POST_GOODS_MOVEMENT was called, but a COMMIT WORK was not carried out in the calling program.

The partner profile is configured with the "Trigger immediately" option selected. Processing the idocs with a Background task (RBDAPP01) and with the package size= 1 works fine (A package size = 5 produces the same error).

It looks like the system is trying to process all the idocs at the same time, and we are getting some database lock. Is there anyway to make R/3 to process the idocs one at a time without launching them in a background program? We need to process them "online", as soon as they arrive.

Thanks in advance for your help.